How to Lose 5lbs (of fat) in 5 Days.

I’ll admit, I’ve done some stupid things in my day.  From eating a fried chicken head (yes, they serve these at Chinese banquets) to jumping off several story cliffs, to joining the army on a whim, or plunging in to white water rapids for fun.  For some reason, I get a thrill when I actually live to tell a story. In your face Death!  Which brings me to my latest challenge:  Losing 5lbs in 5 days.

Backstory:  Friday I get a call from my agent saying “a casting director may want to cast you for a role in an upcoming film,” shooting the following Wednesday.  I would have to display my body in front of the camera, and must be in photo-ready “ripped” condition.  I may even have to appear nude!  Unfortunately a summer of beer and wedding banquets has stacked on an extra 5-6lbs weight, and it sure as heck isn’t muscle.  So, I came up with a plan to lose 5lbs of fat, and do it in 5 days.

How I did it:


30g quinoa or oats, cinnamon, blueberries, coconut, almonds

45g of eggwhites cooked in olive oil and whey protein shake

Weight-training (1hr, 15m)

Post Workout

27g whey protein shake, water


1 Chicken breast baked

1 mixed green salad, carrot, almonds, cranberries, balsamic dressing

Mid Afternoon

25g vegetarian blend protein with BCAAS

1 handful of almonds


Grilled chicken breast

1 cup of steamed greens, broccoli, green beans etc.

1.5-2hrs Cardio (cycling, hockey, jogging, or hiking)

Before bed

Whey protein and Greek yogurt (40g protein), cinnamon, 2 strawberries


There you have it.  I lost 5lbs in 5 days weight training intensely in the morning after balancing my blood sugar right away every morning.  The lower carb-intake in the latter end of the day allowed me to tap into bodyfat stores at ease.  I had to cook some chicken in advance and make up some salads and veggies at night. I also made a commitment to do as much cardio as I had time for which worked out to a Friday night of cycling, a Saturday of hockey, and a Sunday day-hike.  I didn’t miss a weight training session either.  I also work 9 hour shifts and somehow found the time to train around it.  So how did the film shoot go? After a total 6-8 hours of weight-training  and 8 hours of cardio, not to mention some seriously sore muscles…  Unfortunately casting gave the part to someone else.  🙂


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I am a natural bodybuilder, entrepreneur, personal trainer, supplement guru, and youtuber, with the goal of educating and inspiring. I promote drug-free training, and the physical and spiritual connection to food and exercise. View all posts by naturalgc

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